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How Much Fabric Do I Need?

Before you even think about fabric, the first step is to get your pole or track fittings in position. There’s an art to measuring up. Using a metal tape measure, fit your curtain track or pole 10-20cm above the window, and 15-30cm either side of it. When measuring the length of the pole, measure in-between the finials (don’t include the finials).

How Much Fabric Do I Need For The Curtain Drop? 

There’s no wrong answer when it comes to curtain length but nothing should happen by accident. As such, it’s vital you measure before you order your curtain fabric, so you achieve your dream look and don’t waste money on material you won’t use. 
It's fairly common for full length curtains to sit just off the floor, which also allows for the curtains to hang nice and straight and generally keeps them off the floor.

After deciding what style you want your curtains to be, you must then decide on the curtain heading you want and whether you have a track or a pole, as this will determine where you start measuring from.

Pencil Pleat Curtains - How to Measure

If you’re choosing to hang your pencil pleat curtains on a track, measure from the top of the track. This is so that your curtain will cover the track when drawn. If you’re choosing a pole, measure from the eye on the curtain ring to your finished drop. 

Your curtains will then hang beneath the pole. If you require your curtains to hang from a different position on the track or the pole, then you will need to measure from that point to your finished drop.

Eyelet Curtains - How to Measure

For eyelet curtains, measure from top of the pole to your finished drop and then add on 3cm. Eyelets are typically set 3cm down from the top of the fabric, so you need to allow for this. 

If we are making your eyelet curtains please ensure you have at least 3cm clearance above your curtain pole, if you don't please state so in the comments box when ordering or get in touch with us.

How Many Widths Of Fabric Do I Need?

Curtains aren’t just flat sheets of fabric, and while this is sometimes a matter of personal taste, it’s usually determined by the curtain heading type that you’ll need (usually between 2 and 2½ times fullness to achieve an attractive look). 

Here's a list of the fullness you should use for each heading:

  • Pencil pleat / Gathered / Stand Up / Floppy top x 2 fulness (6" pencil pleat tape can be 2.5 for extra fullness)
  •  Eyelet / Tab Top x 2 fullness
  •  Single, Double and Triple Pinch Pleat x 2.3 fullness