Premium Quality Made to Measure Curtains and Blinds

We pride ourselves on creating the very best made to measure curtains and blinds to the highest standards made by experienced seamstresses. Each curtain and blind has mitred, weighted corners.

Keep on reading to find out why our made to measure curtains and blinds are superior to any others on the market. 

Premium Quality Roman Blinds 

Our made to measure roman blinds are 100% bespoke, and are hand finished to the highest standard in the UK, complete with a high quality metal headrail with child safety mechanism included for complete peace of mind.

No Visible Face Stitching

On our Roman Blinds you won't find any visible face stitching, unlike a standard online blind with visible machined stitching for the velcro.

Premium Stitching

We discreetly hand sew a stab stitch to attach the lining to the fabric, where as many standard online blinds have standard machine face stitching on every pocket across the line shown on the image to your left.

Premium Headrail

We use the market leading premier headrail, with complete child safety features, as well as a 5 year headrail warranty (under correct operating conditions).

The chain system releases automatically if excessive pressure is applied.

Premium Quality Hand Finished Curtains 

Like all of our made to measure products, our hand finished made to measure curtains are 100% bespoke, and made by our experienced seamstresses to the highest standard.

Simply design your own made to measure curtains from a huge range of fabrics, combined with a variety of curtain heading styles and lining options. 

It’s simple to customise every element of your made to measure curtains, so they are unique to your home and interior style. For a truly bespoke and premium finish, opt for our hand-finished made to measure curtains, where you can choose your perfect heading, lining and more.

Complete Piece Of Mind

With over 40 years experience, our seamstresses make everything to the highest standard. Once ordered, we’ll prepare and deliver it as quickly as possible.  

Our standard despatch time is 15 working days for made to measure curtains and blinds.